in Dilijan
6 - 8 may / 2022
Gastronomic fair, where each visitor will be able to taste the national dishes of different regions of Armenia and Artsakh. For every guru of delicious food, this is a real celebration and a pleasant way to get to know the country better.
About the Festival
Dilijan is a little Switzerland, one of the most delicious capitals of Armenia. National food, indigenous wines, vibrant nature will not leave anyone indifferent.

The program includes performances by Armenian music and dance groups and entertaining, interactive activities.

Unique atmosphere with a full taste of sunny Armenia.
What to expect at Festival
The visitors of the festival will be accompanied by the unique national musicians of Armenia, who will bring the atmosphere of celebration and entertainment. Here, the music and pleasure are inseparable from the tasty meals.
We have brought together Armenian restaurant professionals to make the festival extraordinarily delicious. No one will stay indifferent.
On May 6-8, Gastrofest will bring together restaurateurs, winemakers and all those who are not indifferent to the huge Armenian cuisine.
Buying in advance is beneficial!
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The Timeline
May 6th from 17:00 to 23:00
May 7,8th from 12:00 to  23:00
Friday, 6 may
  • 17:00 - the beginning of the first day of the festival
  • 17:30 – dance master class from the ensemble Karin
  • 18:30 – Tmbata Orchestra performance
  • 20:00 – Tiezerk Band performance
  • 21:45 – performance by Mikayel Voskanyan and Tarup trio
Saturday, 7 may
  • 12:00 - the beginning of the second festival day
  • 12:00 – 23:00 – entertainment, master classes and games at the festival
  • 12:00 – 21:00 – gastronomic quests
  • 14:00 – dance master class from the ensemble Karin
  • 17:30 – Aveluk performance
  • 19:30 – Rozen Tal performance
  • 21:00 – Summing up the gastroquest and awarding prizes
  • 21:30 – Hayk Karoyi
Sunday, 8 may
  • 12:00 - the beginning of the third festival day
  • 12:00 - 23:00 - entertainment, master classes and games at the festival
  • 12:00 - 21:00 - gastronomic quests
  • 14:00 - dance master class from the ensemble Karin
  • 16:30 - performance by Nick Ter-Hovhannesyan
  • 18:00 - Dave Geodakyan performance
  • 19:30 - performance by Arman Peshtmalijyan
  • 21:00 - summing up the results of the gastroquest and awarding prizes
  • 21:30 - 23:00 – Serjo performance
We have invited more than 20 famous and the coolest restaurateurs in Armenia to share their experience during the festival.
GGH by Chechil
It is a project created in Gyumri and founded in 2019. Now the platform is located in the territory of Kumayr Museum-Reserve, in a restored 19-th century house. There are: Chechil Armenian cuisine restaurant, Nkgh tequila house, Bararan - bar, library - chess club, all in one yard.
Machar 44
In the heart of Yerevan, near the Cascade, is Macha 44, a wonderful place where you can have not only a delicious meal, but also enjoy a homely, comfortable atmosphere. You can try many interesting national dishes in the restaurant, which are perfectly combined with local wines or branded Machar - young wine.
Sovats Vozni cafe & garden
Pleasant cafe in the cozy corner of Dilijan’s forest. Here you can try the original combination of local and world cuisine, enjoy the nature of Tavush, listen to wonderful music and to drink delicious drinks in our beautiful bar.
Тун Армени гостевой дом-ресторан
Tun Armeni guest house-restaurant is located in the center of Dilijan, in one of the most beautiful places of Tavush region. "Tun Armeni" is famous for its family atmosphere, truly being close to different sights of Dilijan.
Decan​​t wine & spirit
Unique wine boutique on Saryan Wine Street, rich in exclusive Armenian wines and champagne.
Debed Life LLC
Unique concept of handmade cuisine, created in Debed village of Lori region. Bebed Life is a commentary on flavors and aromas collected from all over the world, which uses high-quality ingredients from Armenia.
TUS wines
We are a TMW-ToMorroW distribution company. We are not just a company that sells products, but a company that fights to change bar culture in Armenia.
Ijevan wine and cognac factory is one of the first wineries in Armenia, which was founded during the Soviet regime in 1951 with the purpose to supply Ararat Trust and Yerevan Champagne Factory with cognac and champagne wine materials.
Caffeine Coffee Roasters
Caffeine is a coffee enthusiasts’ team.
Initially, Caffeine opened as a specialty coffee brew bar and a micro rоastery (Caffeine Brew Lab) in September 2016 in Dilijan and was the first lab to roast and brew specialty coffee in Armenia.
In 2019 it was renamed Caffeine Coffee Roasters and became a third wave coffee roastery based in Dilijan.

Ootelie is an artisan sourdough bakery located in Dilijan, Armenia.
Ootelie is doing research on armenian bread history and culture, the combination of traditional and modern techniques and natural bread baking. We’re curious about armenian bread types, grains and sourdough starter varieties. We want to find out who was competent to bake bread, how they kneaded the bread dough, what kind of songs they’re singing, what legends were told about bread, etc.
Arman Peshtmaljyan
Graduate of the Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas, majoring in composing. He has joined various jazz groups, such as "MVF", Armen Hyusnunts quintet.

He also regularly preforms with Yerevan state jazz orchestra and with his own quintet, with original works. Arman has participated in many international festivals: Made in New York Jazz Competition Gala Concert (2014).
Dave Geodakyan
Composer, conductor, bass guitarist.
He graduated from the Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas as a classical composer. Founder of "GigHunters" - bass guitarist, member of the Union of Composers of Armenia.

He also plays double bass in various major Armenian jazz groups. ADave is the author of many symphonic, chamber & jazz music compositions.
Hayk Karoyi
Contemporary musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer.

He started his journey with folk music. Hayk is always involved in various local and international music collaborations & film projects, also he has founded and is directing several of his own music projects. Hayk creates music in different genres, from classical to modern, experimenting with all kinds of sounds.

Hayk is known as the most daring young contemporary artist to create experimental music.
rozen tal
Armenian rock band was established in 2015. The motto of the group is "Our inspiration is music, our vision is freedom’’.
TmbaTa Orchestra
The group has collaborated with local and foreign artists from Canada, the USA, Great Britain, Argentina, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark and other places, (SOAD), Charles Aznavour, Kanye West, Richard Bona, Boiler House and others.
Serjo has been engaged in DJing and music production for 15 years. He has worked with many artists in Armenia and abroad, has recorded 7 studio albums.
Tarup by Miqayel Voskanyan
Tarup - армянское современное фолк-трио, основанное Микаэлом Восканяном.
Сочетая завораживающие звуки тара со смелыми ассоциациями джаза, электронных клавишных и перкуссии, Tarup переосмысливает народную музыку, чтобы дать свет новым посттрадиционным звукам.
Nick Ter-Hovhannisyan jazz trio
Джазовый гитарист, педагог, участник шоу "Большой Джаз" 2022 на т/к Культура, год назад собрал свое трио, с которой исполняет как класcические произведения джазовой музыки, так же и свои оригинальные композиции в стилях свинг, бибоп, хард боп
Tiezerk, which means Universe in Armenian, is a band which has no artistic borders.
The band was founded in 2015 by three teenage girls. From 2019 band
includes only two girls: Lusine (vocals, flute, pipe, piano, jutar/self-invented
instrument, mandoline, ukulele) and Eliza (vocals, harmonica, acoustic and
electric guitar).
Заруи Кроян
Художник, аниматор и музыкант. Заруи окончила художественную академию искусств в Ереване. Писать начала со школы, в основном рассказы и пьесы, а в песни они превратились уже в институте, когда в руки Заруи попалась гитара.
Ансамбль традиционной песни и пляски «Карин»
Ансамбль традиционной песни и пляски «Карин» был создан в 2001 году. Основателем группы и художественным руководителем является заслуженный деятель культуры Гагик Гиносян.

Преобладающая часть концертных выступлений «Карин» составляют инсценированные песни и танцы, которые благодаря фольклорной деятельности спасены от исчезновения, восстановлены и преданы своему этнографическому стилю.
Buying in advance is beneficial!
Hurry up to buy tickets online at a special price!
Генеральный спонсор
Компания «ArLeAM»

Компания «ArLeAM» генеральный спонсор самого вкусного события этого года - Гастрономического фестиваля в Дилижане.

На стенде компании гости мероприятия смогут приобрести фрукты собственного производства, натуральные соки, мед, сухофрукты, фруктовые и овощные чипсы.
Бренд Door компании «ArLeAM» также будет участвовать в фестивале со своими высококачественными винами. Вы сможете приобрести красное сухое, розовое, белое, гранатовое и даже оранжевое вино!

Каждому гостю гастрофестиваля генеральный спонсор- компания «ArLeAM» подарит коктейль, приготовленный из продуктов собственного производства!

Лучшие профессионалы в ресторанной отрасли Армении собрались вместе, чтобы сделать фестиваль необыкновенно вкусным.
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Prices and Tariffs
If you are a resident of Dilijan, then a special tariff is available for you - 1500 AMD per ticket!
Do the following to purchase a ticket:
  1. Come to TIC at the address: Dilijan, st. Maxim Gorky, 15/2
  2. Present a passport of an Armenian citizen with a residence permit in Dilijan or a certificate from the place of work confirming work in Dilijan
This price applies only to pre-purchase of tickets until May 5 inclusive.
Dilijan City Park
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